The best of hospitalityLet time pass in a way that relaxes the heart and mind in the friendly and affectionate atmosphere that will surely comfort you.  It's compassionate hospitality at its finest.  Bringing people together, connecting one's heart to another is Kishyo's true concept.

Elegant Japanese Ambience
At Kissho, we provide a range of seating options, such as private Western style dining rooms, traditional Japanese style tatami rooms with leg wells and counter seating. Our largest private room can seat up to 20 guests and our Japanese style private rooms are ideal for important business dinners, entertaining or for any special occasion. With a sophisticated Japanese ambience, the counter seating area can be closed off by a shoji sliding door to provide you with a very exclusive and high end experience with your very own private chef.

Kishyo's Meat Selection ・Japanese Cuisine
At Kissho, our shabu shabu is prepared in our very own unique way using the finest quality of lean and marbled Japanese kuroge wagyu beef. It is enjoyed with our special ponzu and sesame dipping sauces, which has been used for over 60 years since the establishment of Kissho. Enjoy to your heart’s content, the traditional Japanese “Kaiseki” courses prepared by our culinary craftsmen, using the freshest seasonal ingredients, and expect to be gastronomically seduced by the sweet aromas of our sukiyaki menu.

  • Kishyo is a Japanese speciatly restaurant that was established in 1955 in Akasaka
  • For reservations call 03-6251-8191
  • Kishyo Ginza Honten, 4F Royal Crystal Ginza Bldg., 5-4-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Tel: 03-6251-8191